Upcoming Hops

Upcoming Themes:
  • January 10 – 13: Snowbound Love (possible blog topics – Your favorite winter romance novel. What draws you in about snowbound romance novels? If you were snowbound with someone who would it be?)
  • February1 - 3: Sweet Love (possible blog topics – Sweet romance novel, do they appeal to you? Do you read romance novels without sex? Most memorable Valentine’s day. Dream Valentine’s date. What you wish your Valentine had gift-wrapped with those chocolates.)
  • March 7 - 10: Lucky Lovers (possible blog topics – How luck helped you find your spouse? Lucky times in your life.)
  • April 18 - 21: Dangerous Love (possible blog topics – Dangerous men and why women love them.)
  • May 23 - 26: Men in Uniform (possible blog topics – Why do women find men in uniform hot? Favorite military romance novels.)
  • June 6 - 9: Summer Love (possible blog topics – Vacation spots. Dream vacations.)

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  1. These should like fun - will be adding to my calender and will be checking back